UCSC undergraduate alumna Sabrina Tran recently completed her MA at Boston University. After graduation, she spent the summer working as a research assistant with BU’s Assistant Professor Elizabeth Coppock. Congratulations, Sabrina!

Yuki Seo, a 2016-2017 undergraduate exchange student from International Christian University, Japan, recently graduated and is excited to begin the PhD program in linguistics at the University of Delaware. Yuki writes,

After spending a memorable year at UCSC, I went back to International Christian University, Japan (ICU) and worked on my senior thesis. The topic of my thesis was the syntactic structure of the element -sugiru, which expresses excessiveness in Japanese. After I graduated from ICU, I studied at the University of Tokyo for a few months. This September I am excited to begin the PhD program for linguistics at University of Delaware. Currently, I am particularly interested in language acquisition. One day I hope to come back to UCSC to visit my fellow slugs!  

Congratulations, Yuki!