From May 17 – 19, many past, present, and future slugs congregated at UCLA for Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 29. A list of presentations is given below:

Margaret Kroll and Amanda Rysling: “The Search for Truth: Appositives Weigh In.”

Jess H.-K. Law: “Independence in Distributivity.”

Tom Roberts: “I can’t believe it’s not lexical: Deriving distributed factivity.”

Morwenna Hoeks and Floris Roelofsen: “Disjoining questions.”

Michela Ippolito and Donka Farkas: “Epistemic stance without epistemic modals: The case of the presumptive future.”

Deniz Rudin: “Embedded Rising Declaratives.”

Deniz Rudin and Andrea Beltrama: “Default agreement with subjective assertions.”

Scott AnderBois: At-issueness in direct quotation: the case of Mayan quotatives.”

Pictured from right are Donka Farkas, Scott AnderBois, Stephanie Rich, Chris Barker, Morwenna Hoeks, Margaret Kroll, Deniz Rudin, Tom Roberts, and Amanda Rysling


Jim McCloskey traveled (semi-successfully) to Boston this weekend to be the commencement speaker at the graduation ceremonies of Boston University’s Linguistics Department. It was an auspicious time to be there since Linguistics at BU has just achieved full departmental status and has added a new PhD program to its degree offerings (the initial cohort of students just completed their first year in the program).  It was a particular point of pleasure for Jim that alumna Emmy Digirolamo was among the MA graduates.  Emmy completed the BA in Linguistics at UCSC in Spring 2018 and graduated from the one-year MA program on Saturday. Jim was also able to catch up with alumna Sabrina Tran, who graduated from UCSC in Spring 2017 and completed the MA in Linguistics at BU a year ago.


In June, a new group of UCSC students is set to receive their Bachelor’s degrees, and among these are several who will be awarded departmental honors. Language Studies majors Annie Stert and Vienna Chan will receive this distinction, as will Linguistics majors Ivona Borissova, Jared Crawford-Levis, Melanie Gounas, Sarah Oertel, Azusena Orozco, and Corey Pessin. Congratulations, graduates!


This past Saturday, May 17, visiting professor Gorka Elordieta (University of the Basque Country) gave a presentation at the Monterey Bay Applied Linguistics Symposium (MBALS), which was held at UCSC. His talk was titled, “The falling intonational contours of polar interrogatives in Basque Spanish and their correlation with language attitudes towards Basque.”


On May 18, undergraduate linguistics major Melanie Gounas presented her honors thesis work “The syntactic representations of constituent negation” at the tenth annual Southern California Undergraduate Linguistics Conference at UCLA.