This spring saw a plethora of milestones. In addition to the previously posted qualifying exam passed by Tom Roberts and Jenny Bellik‘s successful PhD defense, an impressive list of students have completed milestones in their graduate careers.

Andrew Angeles defended his second qualifying paper, entitled, “The Historical Development of Initial Accent in Trimoraic Nouns in Kyoto Japanese.” His committee consisted of Junko Ito (chair), Ryan Bennett, and Grant McGuire. Congratulations, Andrew!

Richard Bibbs defended his first qualifying paper of the title, “Perceptual factors license vocalic contrasts in Chamorro.” His committee was made up of Ryan Bennett (chair), Junko Ito, and Sandy Chung. Congratulations, Richard!

Nick Van Handel defended his second qualifying paper, “Recursion and matching overt elements in Italian prosody.” His committee members were Junko Ito (chair), Gorka Elordieta, and Armin Mester. Congratulations, Nick!

Lisa Hofmann successfully defended her qualifying exam, which was titled, “Propositional anaphora and polarity.” Her committee consisted of Adrian Brasoveanu (chair), Chris Barker (external member), Donka Farkas, and Amanda Rysling. Congratulations, Lisa!

Andrew Hedding defended his second qualifying paper, entitled, “New information and the grammar of Focus: Evidence from San Martín Peras Mixtec.” His committee was made up of Ryan Bennett (chair), Gorka Elordieta, and Pranav Anand. Congratulations, Andrew!

Jake Vincent defended his qualifying exam, titled, “Relative clause subextraction in English.” His committee included Ivy Sichel (chair), Matt Wagers, and Maziar Toosarvandani. Congratulations, Jake!

Jérémie Beauchamp defended his first qualifying paper, “Correspondence and unmarkedness in Kĩsêdjê vowel epenthesis.” His committee members were Ryan Bennett (chair), Amanda Rysling, and Grant McGuire. Congratulations, Jérémie!

Netta Ben-Meir defended her second qualifying paper, entitled, “A case of opacity reconsidered: Epenthesis in Lebanese Arabic.” Her committee consisted of Junko Ito (chair), Ryan Bennett, and Amanda Rysling. Congratulations, Netta!


Undergraduate Linguistics major Brianda Caldera was recently awarded a 2018-2019 Chancellor’s award for her project, “Anglicisms: Use and Perceptions in the Tijuana-San Diego Border,” the same project which earned her a 2018-2019 Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations, Brianda!


Undergraduate Linguistics major Corey Pessin has been selected as a recipient of the David A. Kadish Humanities Scholarship, which recognizes an undergraduate student who displays a strong interest in the humanities. Congratulations, Corey!


In June, a new group of UCSC students is set to receive their Bachelor’s degrees, and among these are several who will be awarded departmental honors. Language Studies majors Annie Stert and Vienna Chan will receive this distinction, as will Linguistics majors Ivona Borissova, Jared Crawford-Levis, Melanie Gounas, Sarah Oertel, Azusena Orozco, and Corey Pessin. Congratulations, graduates!


On May 18, undergraduate linguistics major Melanie Gounas presented her honors thesis work “The syntactic representations of constituent negation” at the tenth annual Southern California Undergraduate Linguistics Conference at UCLA.