UCSC Language Studies alum Kevin Sanders (B.A., 2018) reports that he will begin a master’s program in computational linguistics in September at the University of Washington. He writes of the two-year program,

It covers computer science concepts, programming techniques, statistics, and linguistic theory. I’m excited to start! I’m happy to have an opportunity to carry the knowledge and experience I gained from the UCSC linguistics department with me to new environs.

Congratulations, Kevin!


This year’s Distinguished Graduate Student Alumni Award Luncheon (Sat. 4/27) featured our very own Jason Merchant (University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1999), who was introduced by his adviser Jim McCloskey, and gave a spirited acceptance speech reflecting on his career and the importance of graduate education.  Besides his faculty advisors, Jim, Sandy, and Bill, and his graduate cohort, Jason mentioned former Department Manager Tanya Honig as being instrumental in guiding him through his graduate career.

From left to right: Junko Ito, Armin Mester, Jason Merchant, Jaye Padgett, Jim McCloskey, and acting Humanities Dean Karen Bassi, from whom Jason took Ancient Greek in his time at UCSC.