Congrats to Alum Chloe Willis (B.A. 2014) who just started a Ph.D. in Linguistics at UC Santa Barbara this fall. She is primarily interested in sociolinguistics, especially how sexuality and gender interact with language, as well as issues regarding language and power. After her formative experiences at UCSC, she spent two years in Japan where she volunteered for TELL, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and counseling services to the international community, and teaching English as a second language. She is excited for this new chapter in her life!


Alum Lindsay Ress reports on success and opportunities in Speech Language Pathology:

I graduated in 2013 with my BA in Linguistics at UCSC and then took a year off to figure out what I wanted to do next. During undergrad, I interned with a speech language pathologist (SLP) in Santa Cruz. I fell in love with this career. It was a perfect mix of working with people and using knowledge of speech and language. I applied to a few grad programs for speech and language pathology and went to San Jose State University for the 3-year extended masters. It’s typically a 2-year program, but because I have a BA in a different field, I was in the 3-year program. I graduated in May of this year and am currently working at a pediatric therapy center, then starting in a school district this fall, both as an official SLP. For anyone interested in working with people on difficulties with speech and language, I’d suggest looking more into this field and possibly doing some volunteering. It’s always fun, interesting, and currently very in demand – there is no shortage of jobs (and pays well too)!


This year’s UCSC Outstanding Staff Award goes to Irena Polić, managing director of UCSC’s Institute for Humanities Research. Irena has long been a major part of our department, both as a student (BA 2001, MA 2003) and for her countless hours of work connecting linguists to the many opportunities afforded by the IHR, which supports much of the work done by students and faculty alike. Read more about Irena’s journey, and why she believes the humanities still play a vitally important role in our society, here.