Congratulations to Kelsey Kraus (PhD ’18), who recently started a job at Google. She reports:

Just a few days after my defense, I started a contract position on the Speech and Data Ops Team at Google. The position is your standard Linguistics Project Manager Position on the Text To Speech Team, where I join three other former UCSC linguists. This makes it feel more like home (but with an upgraded StevCaf).

Congratulations, Kelsey!


Last Tuesday, graduate student Erik Zyman gave a talk at the University of Chicago entitled “On the Timing of Adjunction.” He reports that he received a warm welcome and numerous helpful questions and comments, and had productive meetings with faculty and graduate students about both their work and his, for all of which he’s grateful to his UChicago hosts (not to be confused with adjunction hosts).


On June 1, Ivy Sichel and Maziar Toosarvandani gave a talk on “Attraction and pronoun movement in Sierra Zapotec” at the 2nd Symposium on Oaxacan Linguistics at UCLA. This conference had its first iteration at UCSC last year, sponsored by the Workshop on the Languages of Meso-America (WLMA). This year’s SOL — its new acronym — was well attended, and the conference looks to become a more permanent fixture in the California Oaxacanist community. Next year’s SOL is planned to take place at Cal State LA.


Congratulations to Tom Roberts who successfully defended his QP 2 on May 4. His project is entitled “Pragmatic licensing of Estonian biased polar questions: An experimental study.” His committee included Donka Farkas (chair), Adrian Brasoveanu, and Amanda Rysling. Congratulations Tom!

Congratulations to Lydia Werthen who successfully defended her MA Thesis on May 16. Her project is entitled “Interrogative Continuation: A neglected puzzle.” Her committee included Jim McCloskey (chair), Donka Farkas, and Ryan Bennett. Congratulations Lydia!

Congratulations to Anissa Zaitsu who successfully defended her MA Thesis on . Her project is entitled “Why make sense of silence: The clausal syntax of a reduced why question.” Her committee included Jim McCloskey (chair), Jorge Hankamer, and Pranav Anand. Congratulations Anissa!

Congratulations to Mansi Desai who successfully defended her MA Thesis on June 5th. Her project is entitled “Polarity and Probing: Building Clauses in Gujarati” Her committee included Jim McCloskey (chair), Jorge Hankamer, and Maziar Toosarvandani. Congratulations Mansi!