Over the weekend, a number of UCSC graduate students presented original work at the second annual California Meeting on Psycholinguistics (CAMP). The event was a great success, drawing psycholinguists from across the state. A chronological list of UCSC presentations is given below:

Kelsey Sasaki, Steven Foley, Jed Pizarro-Guevara, Maziar Toosarvandani, and Matt Wagers: “Pronouns over gaps in parsing? Relative clause processing in Santiago Laxopa Zapotec.”

Netta Ben-Meir, Nick Van Handel, and Matt Wagers: “Clauses don’t generate interference in subject retrieval: Preliminary evidence.”

Kelsey Sasaki: “Temporal interpretation in discourse, backwards and forwards.”

Jennifer Bellik and Tom Roberts: “Verbatim memory for surface features: Evidence from stress shift.”

Jack Duff: “Individual differences and the relationship between attitude predicates and perspective.”

Margaret Kroll and Amanda Rysling: “Evaluating truth: Experimental evidence from appositives and conjunctions.”

Steven Foley and Matt Wagers: “Detecting agreement errors in Georgian: Implications for predictive parsing.”

Stephanie Rich and Jesse Harris (UCLA): “Lexical and structural predictions during online processing: The case of partitive ‘both.'”

Pictured, from left to right: Matt Wagers, Tom Roberts, Stephanie Rich, Kelsey Sasaki, Jack Duff, Amanda Rysling, Netta Ben-Meir, Steven Foley, Nick Van Handel, Deniz Rudin (UCSC PhD alum), Jed Pizarro-Guevara, and Adam Morgan (UCSC MA alum). Not pictured are Margaret Kroll and Maziar Toosarvandani.