The Humanities Institute at UCSC is sponsoring a year-long series of public events which highlight issues of freedom, privacy, and surveillance in the digital age. The first event of 2019 was held on the evening of January 29 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center. Titled Question that Matter: Data and Democracy, the event was a discussion between Pranav Anand (Linguistics) and Lise Getoor (Computer Science & Engineering), who is Director of UCSC’s D3 Research Center. Their conversation was moderated by THI Director Nathaniel Deutsch (History & Jewish Studies). Tickets had sold out and the venue was packed. Anand and Getoor’s conversation focused on data-gathering technologies and the challenges and opportunities they create for democratic societies which value the privacy and autonomy of individuals. The question period was lively and still in full flow when the event concluded at 9:00 p.m. Visit this link for photos and the event video.

From left to right, Lise Getoor, Nathaniel Deutsch, and Pranav Anand.