From May 17 – 19, many past, present, and future slugs congregated at UCLA for Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 29. A list of presentations is given below:

Margaret Kroll and Amanda Rysling: “The Search for Truth: Appositives Weigh In.”

Jess H.-K. Law: “Independence in Distributivity.”

Tom Roberts: “I can’t believe it’s not lexical: Deriving distributed factivity.”

Morwenna Hoeks and Floris Roelofsen: “Disjoining questions.”

Michela Ippolito and Donka Farkas: “Epistemic stance without epistemic modals: The case of the presumptive future.”

Deniz Rudin: “Embedded Rising Declaratives.”

Deniz Rudin and Andrea Beltrama: “Default agreement with subjective assertions.”

Scott AnderBois: At-issueness in direct quotation: the case of Mayan quotatives.”

Pictured from right are Donka Farkas, Scott AnderBois, Stephanie Rich, Chris Barker, Morwenna Hoeks, Margaret Kroll, Deniz Rudin, Tom Roberts, and Amanda Rysling