PhD alum Anne Sturgeon (2006) sends us the following update:

After graduating with my Ph.D. in theoretical syntax in 2006, I entered industry — first search technology at H5 and then voice recognition for the Bay Area’s 511 system. Last February (2019), I joined a Financial Tech start up called Agent IQ as a software project manager and linguist. We develop chat platforms for banks. I have been working on various AI initiatives, including automated chat. The job has been a great fit for me! I enjoy working with the small team (14 person company); things move fast and I am able to contribute to all kinds of initiatives at the company. On the home front, I live in Oakland with my husband and 2 kids (ages 7 and 11). I’m always happy to talk to current and past UCSC linguistics grad students about going into industry!

Please reach out to WHASC if you would like Anne’s contact information!